Punk Rock Fight Club – Rolling Stone

Article in Rolling Stone Magazine with a brief mention of the LADS.

“Since its inception in the early Eighties, hardcore has always been fueled by young male aggression, the mohawks and relative melodicism of punk rock giving way to crew cuts and the heavier, strippeddown, much more unforgiving sound of bands like Black Flag and Bad Brains. Violence, a natural byproduct of the hard moshing, was common, even at the earliest shows. Crews like the LADS, a.k.a. the L.A. Death Squad, and New York’s DMS (Doc Marten Skins) were always part of the scene. In DVD outtakes of the 2006 documentary American Hardcore, Henry Rollins recalls members of the band TSOL wearing motorcycle boots with sharpened spurs and kicking audience members in the head.”


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