The Violence. The Drugs. The Death.

From, The Bad Religion Page. Reprint from article in Kerrang Magazine 1/2001

“Which is just as well, because fights were becoming a regular occurrence in LA. Word had spread to certain sections of the city that punk rock was the hop for the cool set, and with it came a set of rules and conventions that the early protagonists simply didn’t care to understand.

The scene was quickly annexed by gangs, who would latch themselves onto particular bands and fight with each other at shows. Fight over bands, over territory, over anything. There would be the gangs from Huntington Beach — a particularly bad set, everyone interviewed mentions this location; the Hollywood crew — who later became the Los Angeles Death Squad (LADS); there were gangs from Ventura and a nasty collective from Venice Beach, turned on by the crossover fury of early Suicidal Tendencies.”

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